Use the useless box in this incredible useless box simulator!

Have FUN!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags8-Bit, no-game, Pixel Art, simulator, uselessbox


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The gamer in me bought every single skin in the game, hoping I would get something. When I didn't, I shed a single tear. Fun, good to waste hours of you day on.

The most interesting game i've ever played.

yes fun


why is a dildo unflipping my switch >:(

i love it! its just like the old prank*

*=thats not so old

but its fun!


holy crap the comments are so toxic



I beat the game in 10 seconds


Ok, it's pretty fun and entertaining :D


this is so inaprpriot im a minor and im reporting this game


it's pronounced inappropriate


i dont care bitch


neither do I BITCH


@Tinychelz I reported you BITCH

guys, i am i minor too, plz be nice to other kids like me looking around



wtf tiny how is this inapropriate u just open and close a box


is that a penis coming out of the box and flipping the lever again?!?!?!?!


actuallly its an arm coming out da box

its a dildo dumbass

ur pfp looks UGLY

I think it's a worm

I love the game but I can't download it can you put a download link

3 minutes i took to get 60 clicks

Get auto clicker it'l make this process much easier

me who's on a school chromebook: NO.


your on a chromebook?

Yes, yes i am. problem?


ehehehehehehhehehehhehehe very time consuming

eh its ok

i like it xd im on 04:06 i can't sleep and im just here to have tha rainbow thing

i took 3 minutes to get full rainbow

KERMIT MURDER it doesn't work


It is nice but add more things in pls 9/10

i have over 10000


spam click the spot where the action sign was to do it REALLY fast over and over

this is the best thing in all 78 worlds


press the up arrow it is a cheat


this game is great for corintie



cool game



much loading wow


i bot everything in the game waste of like 15 min of my time still fun i guess

... yes.

No comment...